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Capturing the essence of stories through documentary photography is an art that can unfold over days, but the best are the ones that span years. The projects I currently embarking on are unique journeys, each at its distinct stage, making them an ongoing testament to dedication, meticulous planning, and a strategic approach. As enduring endeavors, each narrative is deeply personal and demands a unique level of commitment.

These ongoing stories are are available for gallery exhibits, book publishing deals, and/or potential assignments. Reach out if you are interested in discovering the unseen chapters of my unpublished work.



This ongoing series, "Only Fools Ride," an ode to the rebellious ethos ingrained in the motorcycle, surfing, and skateboarding subcultures around the world. The series chronicles the renegades and the events that cultivate the pursuit of freedom, mischief, and adventure embraced by riders.


The approach to my work is rooted in a profound appreciation for the artistry of individualism, a relentless commitment to capturing the free spirit of surfer, skateboarders, motorcycle enthusiast. My passion is to showcase and reveal the dynamic interplay between personal expression and the urban landscapes they transform.




I delve into the world of motorcycle clubs, specifically focusing on members of 1 percenters clubs. Through intimate portrait photography, this series seeks to illuminate the stories and significance behind the iconic cuts worn by these individuals. Beyond the leather and patches lies a deeply personal narrative – one that speaks to the wearer's identity, camaraderie, and the true essence of brotherhood. Each portrait is a window into the soul of the rider, revealing the person behind the motorcycle, their experiences, and the bonds forged within the club. By capturing these moments of raw authenticity, "Behind The Cuts" invites viewers to peer beyond stereotypes and preconceptions, fostering a deeper understanding of the individuals who proudly bear the marks of their club. Through this series, I aim to honor the rich tapestry of motorcycle club culture while shedding light on the humanity and brotherhood that unite these riders.




Dive into the exploration of subcultures in the digital age through my ongoing film photography project. In a time when our identities were once defined by distinct tribes, ethos, and aesthetics, the landscape has shifted with the pervasive influence of social media and the internet. The question arises: Are subcultures now overshadowed by fleeting fashion trends rather than being rooted in discernible tribes? This project seeks to unravel this cultural shift, examining the pulse of contemporary identity and questioning whether the essence of subcultures has faded or persists in the authenticity of individuals.


Delving deeper, the series brings focus to the vibrant individuals who remain the torchbearers of authentic subcultures. Despite the changing dynamics, there are those who defy the mainstream pull and continue to breathe life into the very essence that once defined subcultures. Join us on a visual journey as we capture the stories and faces of those who resist conformity, exploring the resilience and authenticity that persist within these unique pockets of society.




"Leftover Grits" is a photographic odyssey through the soul of the American South, meticulously captured on 35mm film and developed in the darkroom. Documenting the forgotten corners of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North and South Carolina, this project preserves the timeless allure of the region's old and vintage, from weathered buildings to rusted cars. Inspired by a deep connection to the South's charm and authenticity, each frame serves as a portal to a world where history resonates through every crack and crevice, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the resilience and spirit of a land that holds a special place in the artist's heart.

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