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Northern Greenland [2006-2007]

At 18 years old, I moved to one of the northernmost towns in the world, Qaanaaq. Greenland is a place that would forever change my life and spark my wanderlust.

In the extreme northern reaches, survival strategies shaped by harsh climates are handed down through the generations, ensuring the resilience of this modest community. As the ice recedes, typically around August, robust boats equipped with powerful engines become essential for both hunting expeditions and daily commutes. During this period, sunlight bathes the landscape around the clock, a phenomenon known as the midnight sun, lasting from mid-April to the end of August. Faced with limited resources, every part of the harvested animals is meticulously utilized: hides for clothing and kayak coverings, flesh and offal for sustenance, narwhal and walrus tusks transformed into intricately crafted figures, jewelry, and hunting tools, while feathers find purpose in various handicrafts.

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