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Vacanza: Viaggio in Italia

Roadtrip, Italy [2023]

Beneath Northern Italy's azure sky,

We embark on roads where dreams comply.

A car, our chariot, winds with grace,

Through hills and valleys, an endless embrace.


From Milan's glamour to Venice's charm,

Our wheels paint tales in strokes so warm.

Lakes mirror mountains, a tranquil scene,

Nature and history, a love routine.


Beneath Dolomites high, we ascend,

A journey, a symphony, a road that won't end.

Vineyards and olive groves pass us by,

As we chase the stars in the Italian sky.


In twilight cities aglow, we find,

Cobbled streets, memories enshrined.

Through sunlit days and starlit nights,

Northern Italy, in our hearts, alights.

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